The mix that stands up to kerosene


Colnak is a compact asphalt mix for wearing courses that can withstand the accidental spillage of hydrocarbons. Colnak has also been designed to withstand major mechanical strains. 
The mix has been designed to specific ends: a modified asphalt featuring a specific additive guarantees Colnak’s outstanding qualities. It retains at least 60% of its compression resistance after being immersed for 7 days in a hydrocarbon medium. In comparison, a classic asphaltic concrete only retains approximately 10%.

In a superficial brushing test (NF EN 12697-43) designed to measure the resilience over time of a mix that has been sullied by traffic, Colnak loses far less matter than a classic asphalt concrete.
Above and beyond its capacity to withstand hydrocarbons, Colnak is also highly resistant to rutting and puncturing.

The advantages of COLNAK

  • Withstands the accidental spillage of hydrocarbons and solvents
  • Treated in bulk
  • Good performance in terms of rutting, puncturing and shearing at high temperatures


  • Does not crack at low temperatures
  • Does not contain any carbo-chemical derivatives

Some achievements with COLNAK


Truck parking lot, Valleiry (France)

The areas of use of COLNAK

  • Airports and airfields: parking and refueling bays, hangars, taxiways, runway thresholds
  • Roads into fuel depots and gas stations
  • Parking lots for trucks, light vehicles, buses and military equipment


  • Storage zones
  • Traffic circles

Terms of use COLNAK

  • Grain size: 0/10 mm
  • Thickness: 4 to 7 cm
  • Can include up to 20% aggregates

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