Diatomaceous earth roadwork and industrial absorbent


Our roadwork and industrial absorbent is made from calcined diatomaceous earth, treated at over 850°C. It absorbs liquids spilled on the road or on the floors of factories, airports, workshops etc.
It is easy to use and helps traffic resume swiftly. Quickly absorbs all spilled liquids (oil, fuel, chemicals, grease, paint, water, etc.).

The absorbent makes areas that have undergone to spillages safe for use.
This road absorbent complies with standard NF P 98-190 and is therefore suited for use on the French road network.
It can also be used on the floors of factories, airports, workshops, etc.
Like all absorbent products, it must be collected or swept up after use. It must also be disposed of in accordance with regulations regarding the pollutants it has absorbed.

The advantages of ABSORBANT ROUTIER

  • Absorbs all liquid products in a very short time
  • Helps traffic resume swiftly, thanks to its absorbent properties
  • Packaged in 40 L bags (20 kg)
  • Easy to use
  • Restores a dry, non-slip surface
  • Easy to ship and transport

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