Colas brings you the skills and expertise you need to build your parking lots.

We offer adapted solutions that respond to the technical problems of punching, shearing and rainwater management encountered in this type of infrastructure, as well as to aesthetic issues and integration into the local environment.

Colas solutions for your project


The versatile high-performance mix

Betoflex is an asphalt mix with strong structuring capacities. It is mainly used for reinforcement work and on roads bearing particularly heavy traffic...


Light-colored asohalt mixes to support shared transport

Colclair is a range of clear and colored surfaces.


The mix that stands up to kerosene

Colnak is a compact asphalt mix for wearing courses that can withstand the accidental spillage of hydrocarbons.


The durable paving solution

Colpav includes design and modeling, Colpav bedding mortar and Colpav joint mortar...


High-performance stabilized sand

Colstab offers a range of attractive pavements for soft mobility options: paths and tracks through parks, gardens and landscaped areas.


Lightweight embankments

Compostyrene is a lightweight polystyrene embankment solution that has been tried and trusted by Colas for over 35 years...


Cold mixes for roads

The Easycold range of asphalt emulsion mixes is an example of Colas’s commitment to being eco-responsibles...


In harmony with heritage sites

Heliocol comprises a range of protocols for creating top-quality pathways through parks and gardens and landscaped pedestrian zones...


The most cost-effective structure

Optibase is a high-performance mix for sub-grade courses…


Permeable parking lots

Raincol is a permeable structure that allows rainwater to trickle down through the road way directly into the natural soil...


The pavement that plays with light

Scintiflex is an attractive urban pavement. It contains fragments of mirror that catch the light and sparkle beneath lighting and vehicle headlights...


Highly-aesthetic, permeable solution

Urbalith is a range of permeable, natural and recyclable pavements...


The environment-friendly Colas solution

Vegecol is an aesthetically pleasing clear asphalt mix with a carbon footprint that is at least 70 % lower than traditional clear asphalt...


Weed-killer-free driveways and hubs

Zerophycol has been specifically designed to hinder plants from growing back in areas bearing light traffic (roads for light vehicles, parking lots, cycle paths, pedestrian lanes, paths through cemeteries etc.) without the need for herbicides...


Asphalt mix with plant-based binder access

Vegeroad is a range of asphalt mixes, obtained by mixing aggregates with a binder containing plant-based raw materials.

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