Medium and low traffic lanes

Departmental roads, local roads with low traffic volumes...

Colas has the expertise to optimize the management of your road assets. We offer solutions adapted to your needs, such as in-place recycling, the use of low-temperature asphalt mixes to reduce the carbon footprint of your projects, as well as the implementation of aesthetic solutions that blend in with your environment (coastal and tourist routes, etc.). 

Colas solutions for your project


The versatile high-performance mix

Betoflex is an asphalt mix with strong structuring capacities. It is mainly used for reinforcement work and on roads bearing particularly heavy traffic...


Light-colored asohalt mixes to support shared transport

Colclair is a range of clear and colored surfaces.


Safety in the rain

Coldraine is an open graded asphalt mix for roads bearing heavy traffic traveling at speed...


Reinforcement for asphalt mixes

Colas has developed a pavement design method for reinforced road structures using Colgrill, based on feedback from the field over 30 years...


The antidote to cracks

The Colsave range of solutions extends the lifespan of a pavement by delaying the appearance of cracks. 


Noise reduction and safe mobility

Colsoft is a range of sound dampening mixes that significantly reduce the noise on the pavement...


Lightweight embankments

Compostyrene is a lightweight polystyrene embankment solution that has been tried and trusted by Colas for over 35 years...


Cold mixes for roads

The Easycold range of asphalt emulsion mixes is an example of Colas’s commitment to being eco-responsibles...


The reinforced mix

Metalflex is the name of a unique and very effective process whereby a specific asphalt mix is reinforced by a metal honeycomb grid...


The most cost-effective structure

Optibase is a high-performance mix for sub-grade courses…


In situ pavement recycling

Recycol is the in situ recycling solution. It breathes a new lease of life into pavements that are damaged or at the end of their life cycle...


Lasting and safe

Rugocol is a range of compact asphalt mixes withstand stresses and strains incurred by all classes and types of traffic...


High-speed waterproofing

Saflex OA is a multi-layer asphalt waterproofing solution for engineering constructions made from concrete...


The pavement that plays with light

Scintiflex is an attractive urban pavement. It contains fragments of mirror that catch the light and sparkle beneath lighting and vehicle headlights...


Asphalt mix with plant-based binder access

Vegeroad is a range of asphalt mixes, obtained by mixing aggregates with a binder containing plant-based raw materials.

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