High performance and water-reactive cold asphalt mix


The ideal solution for permanent repairs
Colquick is a high-performance, water-reactive asphalt mix solvent-free.
It is recommended for pavement repairs that are required to withstand heavy and intensive traffic. Colquick is water-reactive, easy to use and as resistant as hot-mix asphalt, making it the ideal solution for repairing pavements that undergo intensive heavy traffic: motorways, roundabouts, bus lanes and stops, industrial estates, etc.

  • filling in potholes, localized reprofiling, drilling;
  • sealing off lampposts, buffers, etc.;
  • repairing trenches;
  • trafficable immediately after compaction, for small treated areas;
  • for shear zones, traffic can be resumed after 2 hours.

label TUV    

made in france

The advantages of COLQUICK

  • Format suited to your needs
    • 25 kg buckets
      storable and usable for 12 months
    • 500 kg big bag
      storable and usable for 6 months
    • big bag de 1 t
      storable and usable for 6 monthss
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Can be used in sub-zero temperature
  • Heavy-traffic resistant, does not rut, does not creep
  • Can be compacted manually or mechanically
  • Once compacted, traffic can resume quickly
  • Easy to ship and transport

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