Lightweight embankments


Compostyrene is a lightweight polystyrene embankment solution that has been tried and trusted by Colas for over 35 years.
Polystyrene is 100 times less dense than traditional embankment materials. It has excellent mechanical properties, great chemical stability and it stands firm in the presence of water. It is therefore extremely durable when subjected to strains of various types.

Compostyrene is a match for the most complex geotechnical problems in the fields of terracing, civil engineering and construction.
A dedicated engineering unit within the Colas technical network draws on expertise amassed by the Group over 35 years and feedback from the field in designing and modelling such projects.


Compostyrene is the subject of technical notice No.166 issued by the IDRRIM in April 2018

The advantages of

  • A technical and economical solution for complex geotechnical challenges
  • Reduces right of way
  • Ideal for working from top down in inaccessible locations
  • Compatible with compressible soil

Some achievements with COMPOSTYRENE


RD 563, Fayence (France)

The areas of use of COMPOSTYRENE

  • Embankments on compressible soil
  • Stabilizing landslides
  • Recalibrating road ways with limited right of way
  • Embankments adjoining constructions or buildings
  • Lightening permanent loads on underground constructions
  • Temporary embankments and foundations (Compostyrene can be dismantled and recycled)
  • Filling cavities and tunnels

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