Plant-based asphalt remover


Our solution for removing asphalt marks fromconstruction equipment and machinery.
Debitum is a vegetable oil-based product specially designed for cleaning, maintaining and protecting equipment used to transport and lay asphalt.

Debitum is an alternative to solvent and petroleum-based products.
Debitum is designed for cleaning machinery and equipment:

  • Stained tools (handles, rakes, shovels, etc.);
  • Spreader bars and emulsion circuits;
  • PPE (clothes, gloves and shoes).

Debitum is non-stick and can be applied to prevent the following surfaces from sticking:

  • Paver screed;
  • Asphalt plant equipment;
  • Tippers and buckets;
  • Road drains.

made in france

The advantages of DEBITUM

  • Biodegr adable and odorless solvent
  • Easy to rinse with water
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Can be sprayed
  • Available in 20, 210 and 1,000 L cans
  • Can be reused after opening
  • Can be stored and used for 12 months
  • Easy to ship and transport

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