Renovation and protecting grout for asphalt surfaces


Our solution for enhancing the appearance of asphalt and extending its lifespan.

Easyrenov is a quick and easy solution to keep asphalt surfaces looking new. It helps enhance asphalt-covered areas (bike paths, pedestrian areas, parking lots, etc.) and is available in several colors.
Easyrenov is a single-layer ready-to-use grout designed to be applied cold. It protects asphalt surfaces against water, oil and fuel stains. It is also UV-resistant.

Easyrenov is emulsion-based and contains aqueous-phase copolymer resins, pigments, mineral filler and special additives.
It boasts great covering capacity and is extremely adhesive.
Easyrenov is liquid, odorless, non-harmful, nonirritating and non-flammable. It can be used for parking lots, sidewalks, schoolyards, etc.

made in france

The advantages of EASYRENOV

  • Easy to use: roller or scraper
  • Dries quickly: > 6 hours
  • High covering capacity
  • Non-slip finish: SRT > 0.55
  • Packaged in 20 kg buckets
  • Can be stored and used for 12 months
  • Can be reused after opening
  • Easy to ship and transport

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