For briding cracks seamlessly


Our solution for sealing bridging joints and cracks on asphalt pavement.

Neosand jointing sand helps finalize roadwork repairs: by absorbing any emulsion discharge, it makes the road perfectly waterproof and prevents materials from sticking to tires or shoes.
Neosand jointing sand is pre-coated in asphalt, which increases the durability of road repairs. It is easy-to-use and specifically designed to be used with bitumen emulsions.

    It can be used with hot or cold mixes, for:

    The sand’s roughness allows it to remain perfectly in place and improves road user safety.
    This highly resistant sand comes from hard rock. It is suitable for use in roadwork.

    made in france

    The advantages of NEOSAND

    • Packaged in 20 kg bags
    • Can be reused after opening
    • Excellent workability
    • Fast and easy to use
    • Easy to ship and transport
    • Dark color

    Colas guarantees