High-speed waterproofing


Saflex OA is a multi-layer asphalt waterproofing solution for engineering constructions made from concrete.
When used to resurface a bridge deck, for example, it is applied at high speed so that the bridge can reopen quickly.
It is ideal for large-scale projects and jobs that have to be completed quickly to minimize shutdown time.
Saflex OA meets the specifications laid down in French national guidelines (fascicule 67 and STER 81).

  • Saflex OA is the subject of technical notice F AT ET 18-03 issued by Cerema in December 2018.

The composition of SAFLEX OA

  • Priming coarse
  • Watertight micro asphalt mix with a highlymodified asphalt from the Colflex range
  • Chip tack coat with a modified asphalt emulsion
  • Wearing course with modified asphalt, tailored tothe stresses and loads of the structure in question

schéma du complexe Saflex OA

The advantages of SAFLEX OA

  • Suitable for all types of traffic
  • Waterproofing compliant with French national requirements for the waterproofing of traffic-bearing bridges
  • Fast lay down operations
  • Delays the appearance of cracks
  • Helps create quality smoothness

Some achievements with SAFLEX OA


Bridge renovation, Île d'Oléron (France)

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