Reinforcement for asphalt mixes


Colas has developed a specific pavement design method for reinforced road structures using Colgrill, based on feedback from the field over 30 years.
The Colgrill process involves reinforcing an asphalt mix with a mesh of heat-bonded glass fibers. The mesh considerably increases the lifespan of the mix and reduces its sensitivity to permanent distortions.
Tensile stress at the base of the reinforced mix layer is spread out optimally, making it possible significantly to reduce the thickness of the pavement structure.

Constructing or reinforcing a pavement with Colgrill brings down costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions (less aggregate, less binder, less transportation).
Colgrill can be used as reinforcement or as a new solution, particularly for urban thoroughfares (shallower excavation). It is also suitable for widening road ways and for treating slow and fast lanes differently.

gain par la performance Carbon footprint reduced by at least 40% compared with a reference solution in GB3.

The Rewards of COLGRILL

Cerema “Good Behavior” certificate issued in 2020 within the framework of a national innovation charter (CIRR).

The main steps of COLGRILL

  • A tack coat is sprayed on to provide an interface between the surface, the mesh and the mix
  • The glass fiber mesh is laid down
  • An asphalt mix subbase or surface is added

The advantages of COLGRILL

  • Extends the lifespan of the pavement
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • 100% recyclable in the same conditions as conventional asphalt mix
  • Material savings through optimized structural thicknesses
    • Reduces the depth of excavation work
    • Reduces the thickness of the mix
    • Reduces quantities to be transported

Some achievements with COLGRILL


Renovating an airport runway, Roissy-en-France (France)

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