Cold mixes for roads


The Easycold range of asphalt emulsion mixes is an example of Colas’s commitment to: being eco-responsible; fostering a reduced carbon footprint. It is laid in thicknesses ranging from 1.5 to 8 cm:
- surfacing
- leveling
- structural reinforcement


The properties of the Easycold range are the fruit of several years of R&D work. The range can be used in similar conditions and situations to a hot or warm mix.


  • Easycold

Easycold is produced from ambient to moderate temperature (<40°C). It is applied as a thin or very thin wearing course for traffic up to T3, or used for leveling work.
It is can accommodate a high percentage of aggregate.

  • Easycold HP

Easycold HP is produced at temperatures in the region of 80°C. It boasts fast cohesion rates and at a very young age its behavior is comparable to that of a hot mix. Easycold HP is used as a thin sub-grade or wearing course for traffic up to T2 (occasionally T1). It can accommodate very high percentages of aggregate.

  • Easycold R+

Easycold R+ is used as a sub-grade, binder or leveling course and possibly to wearing courses. It is produced at ambient temperature and can accommodate up to 100% aggregate. It can be driven on during its maturing period.

temperatuure et recyclé  

Carbon footprint reduced by at least:
- Easycold: 30% compared to a reference solution in BBSG3.
- Easycold HP: 50% compared to a BBSG3 reference solution with 20% recycled asphalt aggregates.
- Easycold R+: 60% compared to a BBSG3 reference solution with 30% recycled asphalt aggregates.

The advantages of EASYCOLD

  • Low temperature: saving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Performance levels comparable to those of hot and warm mixes
  • Incorporation of high percentages of recycled materials
  • No smoke generated
  • Suitable for flexible road ways
  • Excellent behavior at low temperatures

Some achievements with EASYCOLD


Easycold HP, RD 115, Saint-Savin (France)

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