The antidote to cracks


The Colsave range of solutions extends the lifespan of a pavement by delaying the appearance of cracks. Colsave keeps the road way impermeable and protects the subbase.
In a maintenance situation Colsave restores the quality of damaged pavements, for less cost. And as a high-yield solution, Colsave reduces inconvenience for users.

Colsave is compatible with all types of road way and traffic levels. It can be deployed as a cure to slow down the appearance of existing cracks, or as a preventive measure, as an undercoat paired with an asphalt mix, mainly for pavements where the subbase has been treated with a hydraulic or mixed binder.
Colsave covers the various configurations and constraints found on job sites, including winding or curved zones.

The Rewards of COLSAVE

Colsave Bifibre: Cerema “Good Behavior” certificate issued in 2020 within the framework of a national innovation charter (CIRR).

Range of COLSAVE

  • Colsave Fibre

A superficial coating (1 or 2 coats) reinforced with glass fibers. Reduces the number and width of cracks that reappear. Protects the impermeability of the pavement and extends its lifespan. Colsave Fibre may or may not be combined with a wearing course.

 Carbon footprint reduced by at least 20% through structural optimization.

  • Colsave Bifibre

Combo superficial paving containing fibers. For roads that are severely cracked. Combines a single-layer coating reinforced with glass fibers, and a cold mix containing fibers as the wearing course.

 Carbon footprint reduced by at least 10% through structural optimization.

  • Colsave Grid

A geoscomposite comprising a glass mesh and a non-woven polyester is inserted into the interface between the subbase and the new surface layer.

  • Colsave Flex

Sand asphalt with a highly modified binder from the Colflex range, placed at the interface between the subbase and the surface layer. Colsave Flex is also suitable for reworking old concrete pavements to delay the appearance of construction joints on the surface.

The advantages of COLSAVE

  • Delays the appearance of cracks on the surface when maintaining new constructions
  • Waterproofs the pavement subbase
  • Fast, low-cost maintenance that extends the pavement’s lifespan
  • Performance validated in shrinkage/bending tests carried out by the Cerema lab in the town of Autun

Some achievements with COLSAVE


Colsave Bifibre, Créances (France)

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