Safety in the rain


Coldraine is an open graded asphalt mix for roads bearing heavy traffic traveling at speed.
Thanks to Colas’s expertise and the Colflex modified binder, Coldraine’s draining properties offer maximum durability and perfect skid resistance even during traffic peaks.
Coldraine offers drivers safety and comfort in the rain. It provides good skid resistance, and by curbing the formation of a film of water on the road surface it also removes the risk of hydroplaning.

Coldraine stops rainwater from spraying up to form a mist, thus improving visibility for drivers.
Coldraine is available in grain sizes 0/6 mm, 0/10 mm and even 0/14 mm to suit different purposes. It is used as a wearing course for all types of traffic.
Coldraine complies with the NF EN 13108-7 standard and NF P98-150-1 Annex C.

ColdrainePercolation speed (cm/s)
0/6 mm> 0.9
0/10 mm> 1.2


The advantages of COLDRAINE

  • Maintains a good level of skid resistance
  • Improves visibility by reducing spray
  • Eliminates the risk of aquaplaning
  • Rainwater is drained into the pavement
  • Makes for a quieter drive
  • Reduces dazzle from oncoming headlights
  • Excellent resistance to rutting

Some achievements with COLDRAINE


With or without Coldraine, Le-Perray-en-Yvelines (78)

The areas of use of COLDRAINE

Terms of use COLDRAINE

  • Thickness between 3 and 5 cm (depending on grain size)
  • Produced hot or warm
  • Can include up to 80% calibrated aggregate

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