Light-colored asohalt mixes to support shared transport


Colclair is a range of clear and colored surfaces featuring Bituclair, translucent synthetic binder possibly combined with a plant-based binder (components from forestry).
Colclair coatings come into their own when revealing the natural shade of the aggregate. But they can also be bulk dyed. Thanks to the range of colors, Colclair can showcase urban heritage sites. It can also create distinctions between different sections within public spaces and on the road. Cycle paths, bus lanes and pedestrian zones can all be in different colors without sacrificing the properties of the best asphalt solutions.

Thanks to lighter colors, Colclair lowers the pavement temperature to offer local residents and users greater comfort.
Four techniques are used with the Colclair range to accommodate the specificities of each individual project: the goals, the site and its intended use.
The technical characteristics of the Colclair range are on a par with those of coatings from the same family and that feature a classic asphalt binder.


  • Colclair Mixes
    Colclair mixes can be made hot, warm or cold. They are suitable for all types of usage and traffic. Mixes can be specifically designed to offer permeability, providing a solution to the problem of soil sealing.
  • Colclair Chipseal surface dressing
    Colclair chipseal surface dressings make the most of the color of the aggregate. They are low-cost solutions that look natural and blend into the environment - ideal for pathways and pavements bearing very light traffic such as nature trails and mixed-use pavements.
  • Colclair Cold mixes
    Colclair cold mixes revive the properties of existing pavements at a low cost, whilst providing all the advantages of color.
  • Colclair V
    V is the the low-carbon version of Colclair. Substituting part of the Bituclair binder (over 15%) with a plant-based binder reduces the carbon footprint compared with Colclair mixes.

    plant based raw material  Carbon footprint reduced by at least 10% compared witha Colclair mixes reference solution.

The advantages of COLCLAIR

  • Shared mobility: road is easier to understand and safer
  • Attractiveness: road blends harmoniously environment
  • Comfort: combats urban heat islands
  • An alternative to exposed aggregate concrete: rapid lay down operations, flexibility, no construction joints, easy to repair

Some achievements with COLCLAIR


Urban highway, Mandelieu-la-Napoule (France)

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