Lasting and safe


Rugocol is a range of compact asphalt mixes that are applied in thin to very thin layers. They withstand stresses and strains incurred by all classes and types of traffic.
The unique size-grading of the Rugocol mix, and the fact that it contains a pure or highly modified bitumen (Colflex range), guarantee excellent and lasting rutting and skid resistance.

Rugocol is extremely compact and therefore particularly resilient in areas subjected to severe winter conditions and to snow removal operations.
Rugocol can be used for new constructions as well as for maintenance work, including on airfield runways and industrial logistics platforms.

Range of RUGOCOL

  • Rugocol

A multi-purpose surfacing solution with excellent skid and rutting resistance. Rugocol is manufactured with pure bitumen (low traffic) or modified bitumen.

  • Rugocol Grip

A differential wear size-graded matrix featuring natural or alternative aggregates with high resistance to polishing. It boasts outstanding skid resistance properties that are particularly suited to zones that are prone to accidents (damp and winding roads, braking zones).
Rugocol Grip is made exclusively from modified bitumen.

The Rewards of RUGOCOL

  • Cerema “Good Behavior” certificate issued in 2002 within the context of a national innovation charter (CIRR).

The advantages of RUGOCOL

  • Very high and lasting skid resistance
  • Extra durability, even in harsh winter conditions
  • High resistance to rutting
  • Low-noise surface

Some achievements with RUGOCOL


Rugocol, Peyragudes (France)

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