Noise reduction and safe mobility

Colsoft is a range of sound dampening mixes that significantly reduce the noise created by vehicle wheels on the pavement whilst also absorbing some engine noise, ideally for speeds between 30 and 80 km/hr. Colsoft can reduce traffic noise by up to 7 dB(A). Local residents greatly appreciate this improvement to their environment.

Colsoft complies with standards NF EN 13108-1 and NF EN 13108-2. According to the IDRRIM guidelines on rolling noise from May 2020, Colsoft is rated R1: a surface that generates little noise. Colsoft offers good surface drainability. It has high skid resistance and a texture that is homogeneous and attractive. Colsoft can be applied as a wearing course on a new road and also be used to repair worn pavements. It is suitable for all types of traffic.

Range of COLSOFT

  • Colsoft Confort

Rolling noise reduced by >7 dB(A)* compared to a semicoarse asphaltic concrete.


  • Colsoft Grip

Rolling noise is reduced by >5 dB(A)* compared to a semi-coarse asphaltic concrete. As Colsoft Grip has been designed to optimize skid resistance at low speeds as well as acoustic performance, it helps reduce the number of accidents in sensitive urban spots.

*Traffic noise is halved with every reduction of 3 decibels.


The Rewards of

  • Cerema “Good Behavior” certificate issued in 2004 within the framework of a national innovation charter (CIRR).
  • Décibel d'or (Golden Decibel) prize in 2005 and 2009.

The advantages of COLSOFT

  • Halves (or quarters) sound pollution linked to traffic as heard by the human ear 
  • Effective sound dampening properties, even at low speeds
  • Performance levels sustained over time
  • Attractive and homogeneous appearance
  • Surface drainage capacities evacuate the film of water as the tire rolls over it, curbing the fogging effect on ring roads and express roads
  • Good skid resistance fosters user safety in risky urban zones (pedestrian crossings, near schools, dangerous bends, etc.)

Some achievements with COLSOFT


Colsoft Grip, Nice (France)

Terms of use COLSOFT

  • Thickness of 2.5 to 4 cm
  • Produced hot or warm

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