Asphalt mix with plant-based binder access


Vegeroad is a range of asphalt mixes, obtained by mixing aggregates with a binder containing plant-based raw materials (components from forestry) combined with recycled asphalt pavement (up pto 70%). 
Vegeroad products’ ability to draw CO2 from the atmosphere through photosynthesis means that their carbon footprint is at least 30% lower than equivalent traditional bitumen mixes. This plant-based binder also meets standard requirements for use in road pavements. Vegeroad can be applied as a wearing course or base course. Vegeroad is suitable for all types of traffic. 
In addition, Vegeroad can be produced at lower temperatures.

Vegeroad’s granular composition, binder content and various bitumen to plant-based raw material ratios are specifically studied in the laboratory to ensure proper:

  • mechanical performance,
  • aesthetics,
  • carbon footprint reducing properties.

temperature abaissée, biosourcé, recyclé
Carbon footprint reduced by at least 30% compared with a reference solution using BBSG3.

The advantages of VEGEROAD

  • Produces a lower carbon footprint, thanks to the asphalt mix’s plant-based binder and the use of recycled asphalt pavement
  • Meets standard requirements for use as road pavement
  • Can be laid using traditional, manual or mechanical means
  • Is immediately trafficable once laid

Some achievements with VEGEROAD


Access road at Everest Parc, Genas (France)

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