In harmony with heritage sites


Heliocol comprises a range of protocols for creating top-quality pathways through parks and gardens and landscaped pedestrian zones. They blend seamlessly into the environment and/or historical context.
The aggregate in the mix is carefully selected to obtain the desired look whilst also guaranteeing that the surface will withstand the test of time.
Heliocol’s superficial “loose grain” texture is created by embedding into the surface loose grains of sand that have been specially chosen for their color.

Heliocol has excellent pedestrian trafficability in all weathers, even when daily traffic is heavy. Its superficial texture offers users with reduced mobility, pushchairs and cyclists a comfortable experience.
In certain configurations, Heliocol can withstand mild traffic (light vehicles, trucks, maintenance vehicles).
Heliocol can be used for new projects as well as renovations and for maintenance on existing pavements.

  • Heliocol was developed by Colas within a patronage project with the national museum and château of Versailles.


  • Heliocol mix

clear or colored mixes.

  • Heliocol coating

2-coat superficial coating made with a clear binder emulsion.

The choice depends on the nature of the traffic as well as ground load-bearing capacities.
In both cases, the “loose grain” finish is achieved by sand-blasting sand of the desired color onto the surface.

The advantages of HELIOCOL

  • Blends into the landscape
  • Showcases the site, thanks to the natural hue of the materials
  • Comfortable experience, including for reduced mobility users
  • Can be used in all weather conditions
  • Clean surface; prevents dirt from sticking and being transferred indoors
  • Heliocol can be formulated to be permeable

Some achievements with HELIOCOL


Chateau ground, Versailles (France)

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