The durable paving solution


Colpav is the name of a set of products and techniques: a bedding mortar (Colpav Pose), a jointing mortar (Colpav Joint), plus project design and modelling. Together, they form a high-performance paving solution, mainly reserved for paving blocks applied to an asphalt subbase. Colpav suits all types of urban projects: lanes for soft mobility options, traffic lanes, etc.
The specific formulae used for Colpav mortars offer low shrinkage on the one hand, and a high distortion capacity on the other, whilst also guaranteeing a lasting bond between the paving mix and the asphalt subbase.

Setting the paving blocks on an asphalt subbase considerably reduces the time it takes to re-open the pavement to traffic. Disruption caused to locals and users is therefore reduced to a minimum.
The Colpav solution is resilient over time, withstanding winter operations (salting and scraping), dirt (because less porous) and mechanical cleaning procedures (high pressure water jets, mechanical sweepers, vacuum sweeping).

A recognition for COLPAV

Although the Colpav paving solution falls within the scope of non-routine techniques, it does qualify for the ten-year insurance coverage for construction works provided by the Group’s insurance company.

Ready-to-use mortars

Than Colpav ready-to-use bedding and jointing mortars are factory produced and ready to be mixed on site or at a concrete mixing plant (depending on how the job is organized and its scale).

The specific formulation of mortars COLPAV

Thanks to the specific characteristics of the mortars (low shrinkage, high distortion capacity), they:

  • can be laid on a flexible asphalt surface as opposed to a rigid surface in concrete or cement bound aggregate
  • constitute a long-term solution

The advantages of COLPAV

  • Enhanced durability
  • Suitable for all types of traffic up to T1
  • Ready to use; packaging to suit all styles of job
  • Makes it easy to access buildings and for shops to remain open
  • Short lay down times reduce disruption

Some achievements with COLPAV


Place Saint-Michel, Bordeaux (France)

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