Highly-aesthetic, permeable solution


Urbalith is a range of permeable pavements, with natural appearance and 100% recyclable under the same conditions as conventional asphalt mix. It is designed to comply with specifications for a lower impact on people and the environment.

Urbalith’s compliance with these specifications – which comprise 14 different criteria – is periodically checked by an independent body: the French National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks (Ineris). This means that Urbalith can be used in ZNIEFF (Natural Zones of Ecological, Faunistic and Floristic Interest) and Natura 2000 zones. Urbalith’s natural look and the fact that it doesn’t require expansion joints make it highly aesthetic, which allows it to be used on classed or architectural sites.

  • Urbalith is made from a cold mix of aggregates and an innovative transparent organic-mineral binder, making it an integral part of Colas’ ecofriendly approach:
    • unlike resin, Urbalith contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
    • Urbalith effectively combats urban heat islands: it features an albedo between 0.3 and 0.5 (depending on the type of aggregate)

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  • Urbalith

This pavement is particularly well suited for soft traffic. 
Its high permeability can be adapted as required (3 to 5 cm/s).
Its carbon footprint is at least 50% lower than that of a deactivated concrete reference solution (taking into account production and laying).

picto bas carbone avec critère de sélection  Its carbon footprint is at least 50% lower than that of a deactivated concrete reference solution.

  • Urbalith C

This trafficable surfacing is designed for light vehicle traffic and parking areas. Urbalith C is also permeable (1 to 1.5cm/s).

The advantages of URBALITH

  • Aesthetic pavement made with a transparent binder
  • that enhances the road’s natural color
  • Permeable
  • Cold mix
  • Does not require expansion joints
  • No volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Improves structure legibility

Some achievements with URBALITH


Nevers High School, Montpellier (France)

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