The environment-friendly Colas solution


Vegecol is an aesthetically pleasing clear asphalt mix with a carbon footprint that is at least 70 % lower than traditional clear asphalt.
It achieves this by using a predominantly plant-based binder – that stores biogenic carbon in its plant-based components, and by using a lower manufacturing temperature.
Vegecol does not require surface treatment to retain the aggregate’s natural color.
It produces aesthetically pleasing pavements, mainly for light-traffic pathways (pedestrian paths, cycling paths, etc.).
Vegecol is compatible with local aggregates that are adapted to the site’s needs, allowing it to seamlessly fit into the local environment and to uphold the site’s heritage: squares, architectural sites, alleyways, Natura 2000 sites, etc.
Vegecol is also available in a permeable version. 

Water sensitivity
NF EN 12697-12 B
i/C ≥ 0.8
  • Fabrication

Produced at traditional asphalt mixing plants. Vegecol binder can be used in bulk or in limited quantities.

  • Laying

Can be laid by hand or by mechanical means.

temperature abaissée et biosourcé  
Carbon footprint reduced by at least 70% compared with a reference solution in clear asphalt.

The advantages of VEGECOL

  • Binder mainly made from renewable plant sources 
  • Suitable for sites with specific environmental or aesthetic requirements
  • Enhances the aggregate’s natural color Allows traffic to resume immediately
  • Available in a permeable version
  • Allows traffic to resume immediately
  • Manufactured at low temperatures
  • Increases quality of living by curbing the urban heat island effect

Some achievements with VEGECOL


Drive into a winery, Var (France)

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