Permeable parking lots


Raincol is a permeable structure that allows rainwater to trickle down through the road way directly into the natural soil. It comprises:

  • a wearing course in porous asphaltic concrete that withstands shearing tension under light traffic
  • a sub-grade course in permeable asphalt
  • an appropriate granular foundation that is insensitive to water

Raincol helps combat soil sealing, an objective enshrined in French law (loi Alur). It was developed to satisfy the usage constraints of parking lots and traffic zones, whilst also harvesting rainwater at source.
Due to its hydraulic properties, Raincol helps curb the spread of heat in urban areas.

Percolation speed
(NF EN 12697-40)
> 1.0 cm/s


The advantages of RAINCOL

  • Compatible with French legislation “loi Alur”
  • Reduces flood risk
  • Feeds directly into the water table
  • Combats soil sealings
  • Contributes to rainwater management

Some achievements with RAINCOL


Parking lot, Gardanne (France)

The areas of use of RAINCOL

  • Light traffic lanes (residential areas, city centers)
  • Soft mobility solutions
  • Pedestrian zones, sidewalks, social facilities
  • Parking lots for light vehicles
  • Roads and parking lots for retail zones

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