Weed-killer-free driveways and hubs


Zerophycol has been specifically designed to hinder plants from growing back in areas bearing light traffic (roads for light vehicles, parking lots, cycle paths, pedestrian lanes, paths through cemeteries etc.) without the need for herbicides.
Zerophycol’s structure fosters drainage. It does not retain rainwater and therefore makes it difficult for plants to take root and grow.
Non-bound aggregate on the surface makes it easy to maintain and remove the rare greenery that may appear.

Zerophycol is an eco-responsible solution developed by Colas to reduce the use of phytosanitary products.
Zerophycol therefore provides an alternative solution to phyto-pharmaceutical products, catering for increasingly demanding environment regulations (such as the loi Labbé in France for local administrations, due to be extended to
many private facilities as of 2022).

The composition of ZEROPHYCOL

Zerophycol is composed of:

  • a bound draining granular matrix to guarantee lasting mechanical stability
  • a non-bound superficial finishing course for easy upkeep

Zerophycol helps protect biodiversity.

The advantages of ZEROPHYCOL

  • A green alternative to chemical weed killers for maintaining light mobility pavements and features
  • Designed to withstand the long-term stress of occasional light traffic
  • A permeable complex
  • Does not pollute the soil
  • Attractive, natural and mineral in appearance

Some achievements with ZEROPHYCOL


Path in a park, Zerophycol

Terms of use ZEROPHYCOL

  • Thickness between 10 and 12 cm.
  • Produced hot or cold, depending on the binder

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