The versatile high-performance mix


Betoflex is an asphalt mix with strong structuring capacities. It is mainly used for reinforcement work and on roads bearing particularly heavy traffic. Betoflex boasts very high mechanical performance levels and excellent durability in the most demanding circumstances, thanks to the inclusion of a highly modified asphalt from the Colflex range.

High fatigue strength and great resistance to deformation, rutting and shearing tension are qualities that give Betoflex its superior structuring capacity and explain why it is so versatile.
Betoflex can be used as a wearing and/or binder course for infrastructures subjected to enormous stress, for reinforcement or resurfacing work even on surfaces with high deflection, for new road constructions, and for all types of traffic.

Rutting resistance 60 °C — 30 000 cycles
NF EN 12697-22
≤ 5 %
Fatigue strength 10 °C — 15 Hz
NF EN 12697-24
ε6 ≥ 125 μdef


The advantages of BETOFLEX

  • Highly durable under all types of strain.
  • Withstands the harshest climates
  • Excellent structuring qualities
  • Thinner reinforcement layers
  • Lay-down is fast and traffic can resume quickly

Some achievements with BETOFLEX


Reworking the A6 highway, Arcy-sur-Cure (France)

The areas of use of BETOFLEX

  • Reinforcing pavements bearing a lot of traffic
  • Dedicated lanes
  • Public transport lanes
  • Airfields and runways
  • Traffic circles and access ramps
  • Civil engineering works and tunnels
  • Industrial and logistics platforms

Terms of use BETOFLEX

  • Thickness of 5 to 9 cm depending on grain size
  • Produced hot or warm
  • Comprises 0 to 40% asphalt aggregate
  • Can be colored red in bulk

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