The reinforced mix


Metalflex is the name of a unique and very effective process whereby a specific asphalt mix is reinforced by a metal honeycomb grid. It wards off new deformations and cracks - as well as old ones stemming from the base.
The mix is trapped within the honeycomb grid and cannot creep.
Metalflex is extremely resistant to rutting and tangential stresses linked to load transfers. It is designed for surfaces and infrastructures subjected to the most severe strains, relieving puncturing loads in heavy braking zones, shearing stress on bends, and acute pressure spots on lanes reserved for slow, heavy traffic.

Due to its modular design, Metalflex can be used for small surfaces (i.e. a bus stop) or long strips.
Metalflex’s mechanical properties guarantee outstanding structural performance levels: practically all stress is absorbed, drastically reducing stress transmitted to sub-grade courses.
Unlike a concrete solution, a Metalflex pavement can be re-opened to traffic as soon as the surface has completely cooled (a matter of hours).

The advantages of METALFLEX

  • Excellent resistance to creeping and rutting. 
  • Spreads the most acute stresses
  • Prevents cracks from rising to the surface
  • Suitable for jobs of all sizes
  • Easy job site sequencing
  • Re-opens to traffic very quickly

Some achievements with METALFLEX


Bus stop, Moulins (France)

The areas of use of METALFLEX

  • Highway toll booths
  • Interface between tram lane asphalt and rails
  • Cracked heavy hydraulic pavements

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