Optimized compacted concrete for roadways


Optigrave is a roller-compacted road concrete that offers the same performance levels as concrete but at a lower cost and with shorter lay-down times.
It is particularly suitable for the construction of structures bearing very heavy and aggressive traffic, such as industrial platforms, ports, airports and multimodal hubs.

Optigrave provides a shock-resistant, structuring, surfacing course.
Its mechanical characteristics are comparable to those of a classic concrete (NF P 98-170) or a roller-compacted road concrete (NF P 98-128).
In certain circumstances, additional treatments may be included to enhance the pavement’s resistance to specific challenges (chemical, mechanical, climatic) facing the construction.

Optigrave is available in different grain sizes ranging from 0/14 to 0/63 mm. Lay down operations involve the usual equipment (finisher, grader, compactor). Project completion is speedy and the pavement is open to traffic rapidly.

optimisation structure
Carbon footprint reduced by at least 50% compared to a reinforced concrete reference solution.

The surface finishing of OPTIGRAVE

The final appearance of an Optigrave surface depends on how it is to be used:

  • unfinished
  • grooved
  • smoothed using a mechanical trowel

The advantages of OPTIGRAVE

  • Withstands even the most severe stress
    • Optigrave can withstand stress generated by even the heaviest construction machinery
    • Optigrave is not punctured by static loads (storage, containers, parked machinery or aircraft)
  • Lay down is easy and costs are optimized
    • Optigrave can be produced at industrial facilities throughout the land (ready mix plant, continuous mixing plant, and even on the job site with the right equipment)
    • Optigrave requires the usual lay-down and transportation equipment (dump truck, grader or finisher, compactor).
  • Short lay down times than traditional concrete
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Some achievements with OPTIGRAVE


Storage platform, Libreville (Gabon)

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