Coping with extreme strain


Colstrong comprises a range of high-performance pavements that withstand the most extreme loads: static loads, intense flows of slow aggressive heavy traffic, and industrial traffic.

The Colstrong range is particularly suited to unloading docks, aeronautical facilities, multimodal hubs, logistics and industrial platforms, heavy-duty bus lanes and military tracks.

TestColstrong Mega
Resistance to rutting 60 °C — 30,000 cycles
NF EN 12697-22
≤ 5 % 


TestColstrong Mix
Resistance to rutting 60 °C — 30,000 cycles
NF EN 12697-22
≤ 5 % (base or binder)
≤ 2 % (wearing)


TestPercolated Colstrong
Puncturing imprint under 5 cm² piston, at 20 °C, under a load of up to 12 MPa for 24 hrs≤ 1 mm


  • Colstrong Mix

A mix featuring a highly modified asphalt from the Colflex range and specific additive agents. The Colstrong Mix is very compact and withstands rutting and shearing tensions. Colstrong mix can be used as a base, binder or wearing course.

  • Colstrong Mega

Wearing course mix featuring a pure or modified bitumen from the Colflex range with high gradation. Colstrong Mega has characteristics that are compatible with heavy and aggressive dynamic stresses.

  • Percolated Colstrong

This surface mix has an extremely open asphalt matrix through which a cement and resin seal has been percolated. Percolated Colstrong is waterproof and fireproof. It does not need expansion joints. It is an economical alternative to concrete. Percolated Colstrong withstands intense puncturing strain and is particularly suitable for zones subjected to static loads, including inside buildings.

The Rewards of COLSTRONG

  • Colstrong percolé

European fire rating: A2 - s1 (CSTB report RA18-0021 from 2018).

The advantages of COLSTRONG

  • Withstands:
    • extreme traffic and loads
    • abrasion
    • puncturing
    • accidental hydrocarbon spillage
  • Does not require expansion joints
  • Generates less dust
  • Quick to lay down and open to traffic

Some achievements with COLSTRONG


Colstrong Percolé, Le Havre (France)

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