The most cost-effective structure


Optibase is a high-performance mix for sub-grade courses.
Thanks to its optimized formula, the thickness of the base course and the road base course can be reduced significantly compared to classic mixes (by up to 25% compared to a Class 3 road base asphalt).

In terms of mechanical characteristics, Optibase outperforms all standard classes of road base asphalt. For a lower cost, it offers structural performance levels comparable to those of a high modulus asphalt.

optimisation structure et recyclé
Carbon footprint reduced by at least :
- Optibase: 30% compared to a reference GB3 reference solution
- Optibase XL: 35% compared to a reference solution in GB3 with 30% recycled asphalt aggregate.

  • Optibase XL : A high-grade version of Optibase (0/31.5) is possible, local resources allowing.
Tests0/14 - 0/200/31.5
Complex modulus 15 °C – 10 Hz
NF EN 12697-26 (MPa)
12 000 - 15 000≥ 11 000
Fatigue test with alternate bending 10 °C – 25 Hz
NF EN 12697-24 (μdef)
≥ 110≥ 100


The advantages of OPTIBASE

  • Optimized pavement design significantly reduces the thickness of the various courses, and therefore also reduces the depth of deconstruction or excavation work
  • Up to 50% recycled aggregate
  • Optibase can be made hot or warm for the same level of performance

Some achievements with OPTIBASE


Storage platform, Marseille (France)

The areas of use of OPTIBASE

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